Christmas Tree Ornaments










Preparing the ornaments. Preparing for the holidays by hearing stories of how different people prepare to celebrate the various holidays that begin in November and continue through the New Year got us motivated to help the City of Easton prepare for the Christmas holidays.  With color and creativity, the visitors to the Reading Room made personalized Christmas ornaments to be hung on the First Christmas Tree located in Scott’s Park at Easton ‘s official lighting on November 25, 2011.

Hanging the ornaments. Easton is known, historically, for having the first Christmas tree in the United States, according to Mayor Panto as he referenced from the New York Times.  The traditional lighting of the First Christmas Tree in Scott’s Park took place on the evening of November 25, 2011, immediately following the lighting of the peace candle in Centre Square.  The children delighted in completing the decorating of the tree by hanging their hand-made ornaments and seeing the lights twinkle in the night. Along with singing carols together, it was a wonderful way to begin the holiday season together in community.

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